If you are interested in obtaining copies of my films,
please contact me at film@michaelpilz.at.

Currently, not all of my productions are available on DVD, most of them on VHS and all of them on miniDV, BetaSP tape (some also on DigiBeta tape).

Selling prize for DVD or VHS, per 120 minutes (longer films prize + 50%):
– for private use, Euro 25,–
– for semi-private use (schools, mediatheques, libraries), Euro 50,–
– for institutions with distribution, Euro 75,–
All prizes incl. tax, excl. mailing and shipping costs.

Of course, color/black and white copies of 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm films are also available.

With only a few exceptions, Michael Pilz Film company owns all usage and exploitation rights worldwide.
Requests regarding copyright and exploitation rights must be made in writing to .

All films and videos, including, above all, original materials, are stored under modern, professional conditions at the Austrian Film Museum, Vienna.


The film „Himmel und Erde/Heaven and Earth“/1982 and the film „Langsamer Sommer/Slow Summer“/1975 (together with „Schwitzkasten“) directed by John Cook can be ordered on DVD – www.edition-filmmuseum.com.


The book: Michael Pilz. Auge Kamera Herz („Eye, Camera, Heart“), edited by Olaf Möller and Michael Omasta, Vienna 2008, Volume 10 of FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen, 288 pages, 200 photos

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