For Some Friends

A film by Gabriele Hochleitner
Edited by Timothy McLeish

A/2008, 96 minutes
digiBeta, 16:9 + 4:3, colour and b/w, stereo

A film about, for and with Michael Pilz

„Which are my favorite places? Those where I feel home. That is fundamental, I believe, feeling at home somewhere. I had been looking for it all my life and now, slowly and surprisingly, I find it within myself.“

Michael Pilz

During almost two years Michael and I met many times to film and talk. Talking has always been a main activity throughout our friendship. But this time Michael was the centre of our discussions and that would be a new experiment.
We chose places and friends to create a good atmosphere for the film.
Can one shoot a film about the simplicity of a moment or about the openness of a friendship? Or does the act of talking a camera halt the flow?
In the course of filming, many things appeared, in Iran and Waldviertel in Austria, there here and now and Michael's childhood, sad and happy things. The everyday and the extraordinary.
I think we were well prepared and in the end we made a film about life.

Gabriele Hochleitner

„Do you think I know what I'm doing? That for one breath or half-breath I belong to myself?
As much as a pen knows what it's writing or a ball can guess where it's going next.“

Maulana Jalal al Din Rumi

Original title For Some Friends
English title For Some Friends
Produced by Gabriele Hochleitner
Shooting time 2006/2007 (and 1969, Michael Pilz Archive, „12.2.43“)
Shooting locations Vienna, Salzburg, Waldviertel/Austria, Tehran/Iran, Ipplis/Friuli/Italy, Athens/Greece, Amsterdam
Cinematography by Gabriele Hochleitner
Additional camera work by Michael Pilz (1969)
Original Sound by Gabriele Hochleitner
Featuring Michael Pilz, Bertien van Manen, Angelos Dimitriadis, Krista Bouillé, Peter Schreiner, Khosrow Sinai and many others
Music by Alvin Ayler, John Lee Hooker, Sängerknaben Stift Zwettl (1956)
Edited by Timothy McLeish
Language German (with English subtitles), English

Austria 2009

First public screening Vienna, Austrian Filmmuseum, 21 November, 2008

Financial support by Kultur/Land Salzburg, Kultur/Stadt Salzburg, Kultur/Niederösterreich

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