Triptych part 4/4

Video, 244 minutes
Full HD, 16:9, colour, stereo

To Giorgio Agamben

Original title Coda
English title Coda
With Gerald and Christiane Brettschuh, a.m.o.
Produced by Michael Pilz
Shooting time 2012–2017
Shooting locations Austria (Arnfels, Gmünd, Spielfeld, Halbenrain, a.o.)
Cinematography by Michael Pilz
Original Sound by Michael Pilz
Original language German, Styrian dialect, Slovenian, Russian, English
Intentionally no subtitles
Edited by Michael Pilz
Sound engineering & processing by Gottrekorder
Colour grading by Christoph F. Schmid

Special thanks to Christiane and Gerald Brettschuh, Krista Bouillé

Austria 2017

Financial support

Distribution by Michael Pilz Film
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Teschnergasse 37
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